If you've lived in Michigan long enough to have been here through one winter, then you've probably noticed those big balls of leaves in the bare trees.

What are Those Big Balls of Leaves in Trees?

If you have no idea what I'm talking about or you've never noticed them, take a look next time you drive by some trees.

Since the trees have lost all their leaves from the cold weather of winter they are bare, and you can very clearly see through them, giving you a perfect glimpse of those balls of leaves I'm talking about.

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These balls of leaves are decently big, probably about the size of a soccer ball in most instances, and they just sit among the branches. Looking at them, they almost look like bird nests. However, they aren't!

But just because they aren't bird nests, doesn't mean that they aren't nests.

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Instead of bird nests, what you're likely seeing are squirrel nests or dreys.

What's the Difference Between a Bird Nest and a Squirrel Nest?

Birds tend to lean towards twigs when making their nests, as well as building them higher up the tree and further out on the branches. Whereas squirrels opt for leaves and will build their nests much closer to the trunk of the tree.

So now you know, what you're seeing is likely the home to squirrels! So make sure, when you're doing your yard spring clean up, to leave those nests undisturbed. There's a good chance that there might be some baby squirrels in there.

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