Who or what killed the bull moose on Isle Royale? Was it old age?


Was it a pack of blood-thirsty wolves imported from Minnesota?


But, when scientists did find out what it was - it confirmed what your mom always told you - watch what you put in your mouth and - take smaller bites.

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According to MLive.com, scientists ran into a mystery on Isle Royale recently. They found the skeleton of a dead bull moose. They knew from data received from his radio collar that he died in May of this year. He was old, but didn't die naturally from advanced age. He showed no signs of having been attacked and eaten by wolves. He was malnourished but died surrounded by all of his favorite foods.

And THAT'S what killed him.

While examining the moose skeleton, scientists found a stick lodged in this bull's mouth, across his upper palate. Meaning, somewhere along the line, he took too big a mouthful and after getting the stick stuck in his mouth, couldn't eat, which eventually led to his starvation.

You're welcome, parents.

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