Do you have a deer in your neighborhood that everyone treats like a pet? According to, recently, a woman in Tennessee was attacked by a small buck that her neighbors considered a pet. A buck named Louie. Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (their version of our DNR) officers report that the deer came up from behind the woman while she was at her mailbox and slammed her to the ground. Wildlife officers said the deer began goring the woman with its antlers. The woman fought back and grabbed the deer’s antlers, but the deer dragged her and continued to attack. Finally, three people saw what was going on and helped her to safety. She is now in a local hospital with serious injuries.

HOWEVER - one of the neighbors believe the buck is the victim here.

Bruce Harris told the TV station, "I'd say she's a liar. If she hadn't grabbed a hold of his antlers, none of this would've happened," he said.

Harris said Louie would never have harmed anyone. According to the station, Harris said his three-year-old granddaughter used to paint its nails. She also painted his antlers orange so no one would shoot him“My granddaughter used to come up to him, she used to tap him on the back of his legs, he’d give her his hoof. And she’d paint them with fingernail polish,” he said.

The TWRA officers were forced to put Louie down. Because you can't keep deer as pets and BECAUSE HE'S A WILD BUCK DEER WHO ATTACKED SOMEONE.

So - does your neighborhood have a "pet" deer? Do you know any that do?

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