I'll start by saying that I had absolutely no idea that October was "Shake Your Mailbox" Month. I have to give a shout-out to my hometown road commission--the St. Joseph County Road Commission, Centreville, Michigan--for putting up a post on their Facebook page last week about "Shake Your Mailbox" month.

It's a pretty simple idea really. Before the roads/mailboxes start to look like the one featured in the picture, go out and shake your mailbox to make sure that it's still secure. As they say in their news release, "over the years, a mailbox post can rot or become wobbly. By grabbing it or shaking it, a resident can know if it's secure. Snow coming off a plow going 35 miles per hour has surprising force than can topple a wobbly mailbox. And digging a mailbox out and reinstalling it in frozen ground is no picnic." You can click here to see their entire post about "Shake Your Mailbox" month.

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