What kid doesn't love candy?  Always a treat growing up and was a reward when we did something good like getting great grades in School.  Thinking back a lot of the candy we loved is not around anymore.

I remember Marathon Bars, Zagnut bars, Green Leaves, just to name a few.  And of course, most of us kids had a stash somewhere for rainy days if we could wait that long. I sure don't remember anything that looked like Pot Edibles laying around for us to be tempted to eat.

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So, apparently, there have been some Michigan kids eating edible marijuana cookies and candy, this from foxnews47.com.

Between last August, so August 2019 to August 2020 we had about 130 cases reported to us. From August 2020 onwards till now, it's about already been close to 200 cases," said Varun Vohra, director and clinical toxicologist with the Michigan Poison Center at Wayne State University School of Medicine. We're not even at August yet so we have no doubt think that the number is going to go up.


Why Kids Will Be Tempted

Have you seen the way these edibles and the way are packaged? Of course they are gonna look good to kids. I would be tempted myself thinking its just regular candy.

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I have seen somepackages  that look like exactly like some kids candy. So it goes without saying if you have legal edibles around lock them up, or hide them really well.

What should parents do if their kid does get into it? Vohra says do not make your child vomit. He says it can introduce a lot of other risks.


What You Should Do If Your Kids Eat Edibles By Mistake

The first thing you should do is wash out the kids mouth with regular water, you sure don't want them to choke, then call the poison center at 1-800-222-1222 or 911.   Let's keep our kids safe!


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