Here's what you need to do - especially if you win the Mega Millions lottery on Friday night:

Call General Motors. Get on the list to buy a 2019 Camaro. (They make them right here in Lansing, so I guess you could just hang around with wads of cash at the front gates of the GM plant. Maybe not.) According to, only CERTAIN GM dealers will offer the Camaro you'll need for this project.

Next, call Specialty Vehicle Engineering Inc. in New Jersey - I'll even give you the number - (732) 240-3696. Tell them you want a 2019 Yenko/SC Camaro. (I don't know - they might even buy the stock Camaro for you) Tell them (very important) you want the Stage 2 version. This will be the one with 1000 horsepower. Then send them a check for $66,995. That's just for the upgrade. You still have to pay for the Camaro itself. (But you just won the lottery, so...)

Then, hang up. Because they need to take my order.

Yeah, I won the lottery, too - and you'll have to split it with me. I know, it sucks.

Here's the story. About the Yenko Camaro. The story about us winning the lottery is coming up on Saturday.


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