The game of baseball is something I love. I have the MLB package at home so I can watch any game I want. Most of the time, I watch the Chicago Cubs. When they’re not playing, I’ll watch any game, usually it’s the Tigers, Dodgers or Cardinals.

I love seeing the rookies that have been called up for the first time to the Show. I think it’s awesome when the broadcasters paint the picture of the player’s MLB debut. There tends to be a lot of hype about someone coming up to the majors.

Deservedly so, these guys have been playing the game for decades. These rookies are the same kids that played wiffle ball in the backyard, just like you and me. Remember the scenarios we created when we played in the backyard? “It’s a tie game, with two outs in the bottom of the ninth.” We were destined for glory by hitting that wiffle ball over the backyard fence for a homer to win the game.

Last night the Cubs had two rookies play their first game in MLB. Christopher Morel made his debut with the Cubs. During his first at bat he launched one out of the ballpark onto Waveland Ave. Atta boy!

The second rookie to play in the game last night is a Michigan native, and he came to pitch. His name is Brandon Hughes—you better remember it. This kid throws some heat and he’s a lefty. All outstanding qualities for a relief pitcher. Fun fact, Brandon played outfield at MSU and transitioned to pitcher after being drafted.

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Brandon was born on December 1, 1995, in Sterling Heights, Michigan, and he played college baseball at Michigan State University. Go Green! The Cubs drafted Brandon in 2017. He was picked in the 16th round and was the 495th overall pick.

Last night, I was watching the game live. I immediately sat up to watch when I saw his bio and it mentioned he played at MSU. When he was called into the game for relief pitching, he inherited a batter. That means that the batter at the plate is not his responsibility, it’s the responsibility of the previous pitcher who was removed from the game due to injury.

What happened next was awesome! Brandon puts the inherited runner on first base, but remember, that walk doesn’t reflect on his stats. After that, Brandon was in the driver’s seat. He struck out the next two batters to get them out of the inning. He returned to the mound the next inning, and he didn’t take his foot off the gas. Of the six batters he faced, he struck out five of them. That’s impressive.

What did I love about the moment? The fact that he was called up the day of and was put on the mound immediately. He came out of the bullpen, sprinted to the mound and was ready to go.

What I noticed that made it special was the smile on his face. The fact that before he stepped on the rubber, he took a moment to enjoy making it to the big leagues. He did a 360 look around the whole ballpark, smiled and went to work. For any rookie that gets called up, that moment is something they have dreamed about and worked hard to get to. We get to witness it.

A rookie only gets to enjoy that moment once in their career. Good luck to Brandon Hughes, our Michigan native now playing in the majors for the Cubs. We are proud of you!

If you missed it, check out the video. His parents were there too, and they are proud of their son.

What MLB rookies have you seen make their Major League Debut? Let me know, I want to hear the stories.

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