Don't worry. I did a double take too when I saw the prediction released by The Tigers in a World Series? 2028 is supposedly when this sports miracle will happen but based on the way the Tigers have played the last few seasons, I couldn't fathom any year within the next decade as a Tigers world series year. But what do I know, I just keep the faith.

Now just because I said the Tigers were predicted to be in the World Series, doesn't mean they will win it. Actually, according to the prediction by, the Tigers are to lose the 2028 World Series to The Los Angeles Dodgers. Aww for cripes sake...get our hopes up and then shatter them with a loss to the Dodgers. Thanks

“OK, let’s give it a shot,” MLB writer Will Leitch wrote. “If I do not get 2028 correct, please do not come back in 10 years to mock me for it. I will be old and feeble and not up for all the fuss and tussle.” - MLIVE

So on one hand, we should be grateful that such an organization like MLB.Com are cognizant of the young crop of good pitching that the Tigers have accumulated thus far and that is sure to carry us to quite a few wins in the coming years. On the other hand, factor in that they think our Tigers just can't get the job done, meaning besting the Dodgers in a 7 game series well that...that don't sit to well with me.

“The Dodgers haven’t been mentioned in a while, but there’s no doubt they’ll be good every year this decade,” Leitch wrote. “We don’t know many players who will for sure still be on the roster by then, but we know Mookie Betts (signed through 2032) will, which means they’ll be a force to be reckoned with. The Tigers are too proud a franchise who will have turned it around by this point behind all the young pitching they are cultivating now.” -MLIVE

Don't know about you, but that sure sounds like a predicted hint of an upset by our Tigers over the Dodgers in 2028. I mean a guy can dream right? After-all...all of this is mere fantasy anyway.

Go 2028 Tigers!!!

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