Thanks to the Sporting News and Sports Illustrated, we can now offer you guidance as you ponder (on company time I hope) your 2019 NCAA Bracket. I get it. I fill out a bracket or two every year, but SOME of the members of the Jefferson household - past and present - could care less about filling out brackets, but have asked the questions, "How does this work?", "Can't I just root for the Spartans?" and "Why would they ever have a mascot that looks like THAT?" (BTW - Here's a list of creepy mascots to look for this week. Sadly, included Michigan State's own Sparty on their list. Because they're idiots. The two actual creepiest mascots - Wichita State's Wushock and the Providence Friar will NOT be in the NCAA tourney this year, but will be at the NIT Tourney)

And now, things you absolutely need to know when chatting by the water cooler this week (do people still do that?):

First - the Spartans will play the Bradley Braves from Peoria, Illinois at 2:45PM Thursday on CBS. The Spartans are a #2 seed, but EVERYBODY thinks they should've been a #1 seed (including Coach Izzo). You don't have to know what that means - just be outraged every time it comes up.

The Michigan Wolverines will play Montana, Thursday night at 9:20 on TNT. This is the same team the Wolverines played in the first round last year. During that game they had a ten minute delay due to a clock malfunction. Apparently someone at the NCAA has decided they need to finish that game.

Here's The Sporting News' take on how to make your picks. It's is a little more tongue-in-cheek than the advice from Sports Illustrated. Good luck!

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