I play the Michigan Lottery 2 to 3 times a week, I am a sucker for the scratch-offs and hoping to click on a big one in the not-to-distant future. I also like playing Fantasy 5 which is much easier to hit with only 39 numbers, and a lot easier to hit than Megamillions or Powerball, there are not as many numbers.  The prize is much less though, 5 out of 5 pays a minimum of $100,000.  I have hit 4 out of 5 a few times and that's about a hundred bucks.

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Here Is What To Look Out For

If you play a lot like me you know that you DO NOT have to pay anything to claim a prize, so be on the lookout for scammers.  According to wxyz.com the Michigan Lottery warning folks about prize scams. Scams seem to be getting worse these days from a variety of sources even Social secuutity, and Judgment scams. We need to be careful not to give personal info out. Many have been claiming to be lottery prize agents and want you to pay to claim your prize, ridiculous.

Michigan Lottery noted that there are many types of prize scams, one is;

 A person gets a letter, email or phone call to inform them that they’ve won a big lottery prize but must pay a fee to collect the prize. If the person agrees, the scam artist convinces them to mail a cashier’s check, make an electronic funds transfer, or even arranges a meeting to get the money in cash.


How To Be Safe and Who To Call

This is crazy because many people they call have not even bought a ticket, so how could they win. If you want to play it safe call the  Lottery's Public Relations Division at 844-887-6836, option 2, or by emailing onlinehelp@michiganlottery.com.  Good Luck, and here is to winning for real kids.

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