With all businesses shut down and the "Stay-at-Home" order in place, the City of Lansing is shutting down "Be a Tourist in Your Own Town". Even though the event is shutting down for many reasons, it will be coming back in some form either later this year or next year.

According to WLNS, with the Coronavirus shutting down everything that was a big reason for the event not happening but also it was cancelled because it wouldn't be fair to businesses. "Be a Tourist" is a event that offers free admission to citizens looking to visit over 100 businesses and attractions in the city.

This event would be hard for businesses to do especially at this time and the city doesn't want to put too much pressure on them. CATA also offers 50 cent rides during this event too and with their services being cut or shut down it will hard to make this event work. Since this event is cancelled for June it looks like it will be coming back under the "Be a Tourist" umbrella but it will be an event to promote people to go to local businesses.

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