I know there are bigger problems in the world than where to throw out your garbage, but I as many had my share of garbage problems over the years living in so many different places. When I lived in St Pete Florida they were terrible. If your garbage can was not in the exact spot, or the lid was not on properly they would not take it.

If there was an extra bag on the side of the can they would just keep going because they were too lazy to get out of the truck.

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I live in a building now in Downtown Lansing, and if the cans near my alley are full, I have a long walk to the big dumpster which which I don't mind doing.  The thing is twice I got locked in, this high gate closed on me walking in and I had to scream for someone to let me out. LOL.

Trash Problems In This Lansing Area

I guess some folks are having problems too with overflowing dumpsters at Sycamore Townhomes in Lansing according to fox47news.com.  The Trash has been there for months and they can't reach their trash service.


It’s like no one is trying, you know,” said resident Regina Buckner. “I’ve tried calling the office, I don’t get no answer. I have left messages, some are good, some are not good. I’m just trying to get whoever is responsible for this to move it because it stinks. I don’t feel it’s a healthy environment and we’re just going to end up with big rats and mice.


Ouch! I guess Lansing City officials said Sycamore was written up for the dumpster problems and they plan on sending another service out to help. There could be fines if the problem is not fixed soon.

Do You Have Any Dumpster stories?

Do you have any trash or dumpster nightmares?

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