There are a lot of things that define us here in the good ole Mitten State.

Our sports teams, our colleges, our landmarks, our celebrities and even our notorious history.

But once you cross that state line and start paying a dime a can or bottle for deposit, nothing defines us like our food.

Michigan is known for some pretty famous (and infamous) dishes. They spark rivalries (Flint vs Detroit coneys) and go from one side of the state (where Olive Burgers are the norm) to the tip top (where you'll be fighting for some Mackinac Island fudge and a pasty from the U.P.).

We've come up with a little list and set it to pictures so you can see what we think are the best of the best and most top of mind Michigan foods we could come up with.

After you've looked over our list and decided we really don't know what we are talking about, make sure you head all the way to the bottom to see the list of runners up we didn't include in our top 13.

And if you still disagree, you can let us know on social media or send us a message in App Chat when you open up our free to download app. And if you haven't downloaded our app, details are underneath.

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13 Must Eat Michigan Treats

The runners up that didn't make it but definitely deserve a mention.

    • Cider and Donuts (We've got like a bazillion cider mills in this state and come fall you know what's up.)
    • Boston Cooler (See also Vernors)
    • Hummer Cocktail (A Detroit Yacht Club staple)
    • Dinty Moore (Our corned beef sandwich is way better than your corned beef sandwich. Period.)
    • Chipati (More of an Ann Arbor/U of M thing but still gets love)

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