Last week it was announced that Arby's would be selling venison sandwiches at selected locations (deer hunting states) for a limited time (right around deer season). They'll be serving them at select locations in Michigan starting November 12th. (Here's the story from

I wondered if this would be just a gimmick - and how many people would buy the sandwiches. My thought was, if you're a venison sandwich customer, you might already have some in your freezer. Guess I was wrong. According to the Tennessean, Arby's rolled out the venison sandwich in Nashville this week - and sold out everything they had in 5 hours. Somebody must have liked it.

What I did NOT know, until I read the article in the Tennessean, is that due to supplier problems the venison they're serving is from farm raised red deer from New Zealand - not U.S. whitetails.

If you want to try it out, here are the Arby's in Michigan that will serve venison sandwiches:

Available Nov. 12-14:
4229 W Vienna Rd., Clio, Mich.
4040 17 Mile Rd. NE, Cedar Springs, Mich.
1215 M 89, Plainwell, Mich.
8685 Birch Run Rd., Birch Run, Mich.



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