Once again, Michigan hunters are enjoying firearms deer season and doing some good by helping to feed hungry families through a partnership with some good people - Michigan Sportsman Against Hunger. According to MLive.com, Michigan deer hunters (both bowhunters and gun hunters) are on their way to donating a record amount of venison, which may mean over 200,000 meals for hungry families this year.

You can help by one of two ways. You can donate a dollar to MSAH when you buy your license or you can donate from one pound up to the whole deer, when you take yours in to get processed. (That's usually how I do it. When I actually get a deer. Still trying to make that happen this year...) So, when you get one - take the cuts you want and donate the rest.

When you do donate, your venison finds it's way to food pantries and homeless shelters throughout the state. You might be surprised to know that 16% of Michigan households struggle to get food on the table.

Good luck. Here's the story.

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