First the Michigan Legislature tried to end the ban on baiting deer in Michigan. Governor Whitmer vetoed that bill. Now, according to, there's a new bill floating around downtown Lansing which in effect says (my interpretation), "go ahead - make deer baiting illegal, and if we catch someone baiting, we'll make them pay a fine of (pinky finger to mouth) ONE DOLLAR!"

I know - terrifying, right?

The Michigan DNR has made baiting deer during deer season illegal, as a response to chronic wasting disease, a contagious and fatal disease which affects deer, elk and moose. Their belief is that, by baiting - you bring deer into close contact and further spread the disease. Opponents say the deer are already in close quarters naturally and the baiting ban just hurts the Michigan hunting industry. These same opponents say the best way to rid the sate of the disease is to kill more deer, which the baiting ban is preventing.

The bill, Senate Bill 800, would accept the ban, but make the fine for doing it and getting caught only $1. Jim Stamas, R-Midland, says, 

If we cannot end the baiting ban, then we should take steps to make it obsolete

The bill has been referred to the Senate Natural Resources Committee. Interesting tactic, but I wouldn't hold your breath on this one.

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