I love movies and guess I am sort of a film buff.  I am very excited that the film festival in East Lansing is on its way back after many years.  I am a big fan of old black and white movies and really enjoy Turner Classic Movies on cable.  You know the old saying "They don't make them like that anymore".  Well, I think that is true in this case. The method of acting in those old black and white movies was incredible.  I am a big fan of Carole Lombard, John Wayne, John Garfield, Clark Gable, and so many actors that are not with us anymore.

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Something Fun To Do This Month

Movies are a great escape from the problems we have, and the craziness in the world today. Here is another way to enjoy a flick according to fox47news.com.  The East Lansing Film Festival is returning after a long 23-year absence. In 2020 like many things, it was canceled because of the pandemic. Now the festival which is usually 8 days in the month of November, will be 4 days this month in June. The festival will happen from June 10th through June 13.

I had to prepare for the film festival back in March. So it was really taking a chance. And so I'm very excited to be able to offer it,” said Susan Woods, director and founder of the festival.

What Films? Where Do I Get Tickets?

This is cool too, The flicks on the schedule so far are the same ones from 2020 before it was postponed.  If you would like to get tickets go to https://elff.com.  Something else we can get out and enjoy in June.

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