The Eaton County Sheriff's Office announced on Monday that they will be holding an Active Violence Incident Training Exercise this week in Eaton Rapids. The exercise will be taking place at both the Eaton Rapids High School and Middle School campus on Thursday, June 20th from 8am-4pm. Several different agencies will be participating with the Eaton County Sheriff's Office in the Active Violence Response Training Exercise including officials with the Eaton Rapids Police Department, Eaton Rapids City Fire Department, and Eaton Rapids Public Schools. There will also be numerous law enforcement, fire department and EMS agencies from the greater Lansing area participating in the training exercise.

Some roads in the area will be closed because of the training exercise. Road closures will take place on Iverness and Greyhound in Eaton Rapids. This training exercise is NOT open to the public and officials are asking the public to avoid the area on Thursday if possible. Click here to find out more.

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