Torch Lake is known for its beautiful blue clear waters and sandy beaches. (And of course the big 4th of July party...but we won't get in to that right now...) But now, there seems to be a problem at Torch Lake that has researches a little puzzled.

The problem? Algae growth. And apparently a lot of it. According to the Detroit Free Press, Torch Lake residents became more concerned about the algae this summer after realizing a golden-brown layer of algae on the traditionally clear lake had gotten worse since appearing last year. (This is where I refrain from making a comment about the 4th of July parties and golden-brown anything...)

There is some speculation that the increased algae growth is because of zebra mussels but unfortunately, there's also the possibility that leaky septic systems are playing a role in the algae growth. (Again...refraining...) Researchers from Michigan State are on the case and should have some results about the increased algae growth later this year.

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