According to ClickOnDetroit, our friends at have released their picks for "Best Party Lakes for Drinking On a Boat This Summer." They don't have a ranking (we'll leave that to our friends at but on the list is ONE lake in Michigan. And that lake of course is.....

Lake St. Clair? Not Torch Lake? I'm stunned. Torch Lake has been the site of some of the most epic 4th of July parties in the history of lake parties. The people I know who have properties there would leave for the 4th of July, because it got so crazy there. (At least they were doing that a few years ago—maybe it's calmed down since)

According to Thrillist, Lake St. Clair is "home to Jobbie Nooner, a water-based Mardi Gras that happens twice a year and boasts its fair share of booze, toplessness, and massive crowds." 

Like most larger lakes in Michigan don't have most of that stuff every summer? Just how wild is Lake St. Clair?

Your move Torch Lake.

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