During the morning show, we often talk about crazy criminals and weird 911 calls. Last month there was a story from Virginia about people who were calling 911 because there was a man who was threatening people with a ventriloquist doll and earlier this year in Michigan, there was a man who made national news because he called 911 about a spider. (You can read more about that by clicking here.)

Well, did you know that there's a show on FOX 47 that's all about weird 911 calls and crazy things that police, first responders and firefighters have to deal with? I've got it DVRed for the second season which just got started last night. The second part of the big two night premiere airs tonight. Last season an officer survived a pipe going through his head, there was a deadly plane crash, a malfunctioning roller coaster and the Valentine's Day episode was umm...let's just say bizarre. 9-1-1 airs at 9pm on Monday nights on FOX 47. You should probably look into it because one of our crazy stories that we read about on the air could actually be part of an episode. It's really very possible!

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