It's summertime, finally. And you know what that means. That's right - more reality TV.

The good news is - I'm about to give you a reason to watch.

Tonight on Fox 47, it's the season 10 premiere of "Master Chef", featuring screaming maniac chef and "Hell's Kitchen" star, Gordon Ramsey. According to, 36 contestants will battle it out (seems like an overstatement for a cooking show) for the "White Apron" and $250,000.

And two of the initial 36 contestants are from Michigan. One is Liz Linn of Durand. She's 54 years-old and the second oldest contestant. The other contestant from Michigan is 19 year-old Micah Yaroch of Grand Rapids.

They couldn't be different. Liz is a farm girl. When she auditioned in Chicago last year, she brought a dish she learned to cook from her Yugoslavian grandmother. She actually slow-cooked it on the Amtrak train from Durand. Micah is youngest contestant on the show. .He's into Latino culture and food, which he says surprises people, because “I’m just a skinny white kid from Grand Rapids."

Next week we'll find out who makes it to the Top 20. Hopefully, both Liz and Micah will make the cut.

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