The wait is finally over and Michigan's own Tim Allen is back on TV with a brand new season of Last Man Standing. Earlier this year we told you the news that after the die-hard fans of the show pretty much demanded that the show come back, the FOX network announced that they would air new episodes of Last Man Standing. The season kicked off last Friday.

Here's a couple of things you may not have known about Tim Allen. First, did you know that he went to both Central Michigan University AND Western Michigan University? It's true. He actually ended up graduating from WMU in 1976. Also, did you know that Tim Allen isn't his real name? His real name is Timothy Allen Dick. And, of course, he's the 'voice of Michigan'--as in the "Pure Michigan" commercials.

If you haven't seen Last Man Standing yet, you can catch new episodes on Friday nights at 8pm on FOX 47. The new season kicked off last Friday and according to Variety, the ratings were very good! (Click here to read more about that.) You should watch the show because it's what every "Pure Michigan" person should do.


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