The only consistent thing in life is change.

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Sometimes that change is for the worse. Sometimes that change is for the better.

And sometimes that change is not only for the better, sometimes it's downright delicious...

A New Restaurant is Coming to East Lansing

Get ready for a new restaurant being added to the East Lansing foodie scene.

Do you like chicken sandwiches? Do you like HOT chicken sandwiches? If so, get your taste buds ready for Dave's Hot Chicken.

Kristen Matthews TSM Lansing
Kristen Matthews TSM Lansing

Dave's Hot Chicken is a chain of fast-casual eateries that specialize in hot, crispy chicken sandwiches. And when I say hot, I mean HOT.

Dave's Hot Chicken Opening in Downtown East Lansing

Sure you could get the mild, but I can attest (and I'm no stranger to spice) that even that's spicy. There are "lite mild" and "no spice" options. But if you like the heat, you better come ready.

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My hubby, for instance, LOVES spicy things. We have a whole door in the fridge dedicated to hot sauces. Even my husband usually stick to the "medium" or the "hot". But Dave's has even hotter sauces with "extra hot" and "reaper". And for the record, the fries, slaw, and mac & cheese are pretty awesome as well.

Here's a look at some of the deliciousness you can look forward to...

If this has you salivating, I have some good news and some 'meh' news.

Goods news: we know where it's going to be located! The sign is up right now, and it's going to be on Albert Avenue in Downtown East Lansing, right next to Foster Coffee Company.

'Meh' news: there's is no "official" word on when it's going to open. When I went to the Dave's Hot Chicken website and looked under locations, there was no "coming soon" for the East Lansing location. But, someone in the Lansing Foodies Facebook group did mention they had recently paid a visit to the Dave's Hot Chicken in Howell, and staff said they'd be open around Thanksgiving. We'll keep an ear to the ground and keep you updated.

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