Have you ever heard of the concept of a 15-minute neighborhood?

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I hadn't. I had never even heard the phrase uttered out loud until I saw something posted in the Lansing subreddit.

What are 15-minute Neighborhoods?

"A 15-minute neighborhood is a place that you have the option to safely meet some or all of your needs as a pedestrian within 15 minutes of where you live."

I absolutely adore this concept. Having things like a place to go grocery shopping, get coffee, grab dinner, have a drink and listen to live music, attend school, and to even get medical care all within a 15-minute walk or bicycle ride would greatly improve the livability of any neighborhood.

And speaking from experience as someone who lives in one of Lansing's 15-minute neighborhoods, it truly is a game changer.

Lansing's 15-minute Neighborhoods

If you're wondering if you live in one of Lansing's 15-minute neighborhoods, you can take a look at this awesome graphic that the user lansingography put together.

via lansingography.com
via lansingography.com

The map shows the neighborhoods that have these amenities within a 15-minute walk or bicycle ride; groceries, parks, clinics, schools, entertainment venues, restaurants, public transportation, and walkable sidewalks.

Lansing's 15-Minute Neighborhoods include

  • Downtown
  • Hosmer
  • Hunter Park
  • Foster
  • Groesbeck
  • Greencroft Park
  • Belaire Ave
  • Old Everett
  • Beck Park
  • Indian Hills
  • Dobie Center

Benefits of Living in a 15-Minute Neighborhood

The obvious benefit of living in a 15-minute neighborhood is that things that you want or need for your everyday life aren't too far away. But there are other benefits as well.

Walking or biking as opposed to driving is better for your body, wallet, and the environment. Plus, you get the added benefit of coming across other members of your community, helping it to become more connected.

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At the end of the day, I think building neighborhoods around the 15-minute concept would only go to improve community and living standards. Hopefully, Lansing, and other cities, can work to grow this aspect of its neighborhoods to give a better life to its locals.

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