Chicken wings should be named the Official State Food of Michigan. We don't have one -- even though many people suggest coneys could fill that void. The beauty of wings is they're mass appeal, come in numerous flavors and perfect for any gathering.

Who makes the best chicken wings in Michigan?

  • Everyone will have their own favorite place with lots of flavors. However, LoveFood has compiled a national list of the best wings in every state. Michigan's "winner... winner..." is a spot with only ONE flavor. And they kill it every. single. time: Sweetwater Tavern at 400 E Congress Street, Detroit, MI 48226.

What makes Sweetwater Tavern's chicken wings so special?

  • There's only one sauce. Yelp reviews describe it as medium wing sauce. So, you're not going to burn off your lips or tongue. According to their website:

"The wings are delivered fresh each morning and marinated 24 hours in herbs and spices."


  • After the perfect amount of sauce is applied to the drums or flats during the cooking process, they'll serve it up with dipping sauce, carrots, celery and whatever adult beverage you feel like having. (Their Bloody Mary looks like a meal in itself.)

Where is Sweetwater Tavern located in Michigan?

They have multiple locations around Metro Detroit.

  • 29296 Northwestern Hwy, Southfield, MI 48034
  • 15640 W McNichols Road, Detroit, MI 48235
  • 16091 E 10 Mile Road, Eastpoint, MI 48021
  • 16849 Harper, Detroit, MI 48224
  • And the main location you'd hit up if you're going to a game or Hart Plaza 400 E Congress St, Detroit, MI 48226

The only downside to these wings will be the price, for most. Keep your expectations in check when you stop by.

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