The views have been counted and the results cannot be contested!

Now, I LOVE Lansing. When I was asked if I had ever seen the most viewed Lansing video on I did not expect this.

What a letdown! I couldn't believe it. Not that this was the most viewed video about Lansing... That there was a Chuck E. Cheese's that didn't have a fight happening!

The Chuck E. Cheese's commercial has over twice as many views as the second most viewed video when you search Lansing at

Maybe it's the nostalgia of greasy fingers playing video games and the smell of pizza but another Chuck E. Cheese's video made the top 10. The raw footage of the first one.

Now, Cleveland knows how to make a video about their city. This Cleveland Tourism video has over 13 million views on youtube... It's how every city should position themselves.

The one thing I came away thinking is Lansing REALLY needs some better videos. We need creative people to go out and highlight the fine amenities our city has to offer. Like the flooding bridge by Potter Park Zoo. At the EXACT same location, a short bridge that takes out trucks every year. Maybe just wait until the pandemic ends?

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