I've got good news for Red Wings' fans. And bad news for Michigan Wolverine basketball fans. Both of your teams made the list of Stadium Talk's "Worst Sports Losses in History".

The Detroit Red Wings are on the list - in a good way. On January 23, 1944, the Red Wings beat the New York Rangers 15-0. That ranks at the 10th worst loss in sports history. Of course, this was right in the middle of World War II and the Ranger's goalie, Ken ‘Tubby’ McAuley was a "wartime replacement", according to the Hockey News. McAuley stopped most of the 62 shots on goal (back when goalies didn't wear masks) but against a Red Wings team that was the defending Stanley Cup champs, he was no match.

The Michigan Wolverines? Basketball fans - you probably know how this will go. At #5 on the list is the 1993 NCAA National Championship game. This would  be the game against the Tar Heels of North Carolina. The game where Michigan's Chris Webber, dribbling up the court, with the Wolverines down by just two and 11 seconds left in the game, called a timeout - even though Michigan was out of timeouts. It cost the Wolverines a shot at maybe tying up or winning the game. Would Michigan have won that game if Webber had not called time? Nobody really knows, of course, but it was a HUGE mistake made in front of millions.

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