It goes without saying, for me at least, that what you wear really should have no bearing on your skills in the workplace; however, if we’re being realistic, I know that is not exactly how the world works. 

Also, though, I do also swear by the empowerment and confidence that can come with the right look.

Maybe I am a bit biased as I have always appreciated having a unique style and also worked at a retail store in Grand Rapids that was a consignment-style store with a focus on women’s fashion and business-casual or more professional styles.

It was so fun being able to help women get a more professional wardrobe for job interviews, new jobs or just wanting to step up their style game in the workplace which is why what the Women's Center of Greater Lansing is doing really tugs at my heart.

According to WILX News 10, women in need of professional wear can come in and get two outfits or things like shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, dress-suits once a month for free.

Not only can women go get clothes they need for more professional settings but the Women’s Center also has accessory items like jewelry, scarves and purses as well to make any outfit really your own, which is so important!

With many women returning to work or starting new jobs in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and with how expensive dress clothes can be, the Women’s Center is providing these services as well as counseling, support groups and more.

This is a really awesome service and if you are interested you can visit the center in person Monday-Thursday 10 am to 3 pm, and Friday 10 am to 12 pm or visit

Look good, feel good and empower your fellow women in the process! As you do your spring cleaning or any sort of closet cleanout, definitely consider donating some of your items you no longer wear to this great cause.

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