A weather advisory has been put in effect for Genesee, Shiawassee, Lapeer, and a few more midland areas until 7 pm tonight.

The real fun starts to pick up around noon today, and that means more and more dangerous roads. Michigan is famous for having terrible roads but let's not forget how terrible other drivers are. Also, the rate of snowfall will increase throughout the day.

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This will cause slippery roads, and will especially impact our afternoon and evening commute.


Winds, out of the west, will gust up to 20 mph, which may cause blowing snow, lowering visibility. Source: NBC25.com

Slippery roads and low visibility? Yes please! I can't wait to sit back and rack up how many car accidents will happen throughout the day. Because no matter how much we try to warn people their still gonna drive way too fast, and end up sliding off an exit ramp.

It's almost like clockwork. Join in on the fun by visiting Geneseecounty911.org  and count it up! So far I've counted 5 car accidents this morning and it's not even light outside yet. Honestly, with all the dumb drivers on the road, I think opening a collision body shop might be a smart move. You're guaranteed to make a killing here in Michigan!


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