Don't get me wrong - I love Texas. My wife is from Fort Worth. I got married there. Even saw Willie Nelson perform in Billy Bob's. But I'm not a fan of rattlesnakes. Oh, sure we have a few here in Michigan. But not in the numbers or size that they have in the southwest. (I will say though, that fried rattlesnake is delicious.)

Just recently, according to Popular Mechanics, a guy named Rusty Hopper went to do some maintenance of his deer blind in North Texas. When he moved it, he found 26 rattlesnakes underneath. Yeah, he killed them all, but, um....26 rattlesnakes. The worst thing I have to worry about, when we clean up our deer blinds around here, are mice.

Here's the story. With an awesome picture. I guess he had to take down his Facebook page because lovers of cuddly, poisonous rattlesnakes were mad about the photo.

I promise - I will never kill any Western Diamondback rattlesnakes at my deer blind in Clinton County. And if I do - that won't be our biggest problem.


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