Did you know there was a water moratorium in place?

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We'd heard eviction moratorium several times but not so much about the water version. Unless you and your family were going through financial hardships with your utilities.

There was a Michigan Water Moratorium?

Yup. And it ended in March.

The state moratorium on water shutoffs expired at the end of March. It was in place since thousands of people were suddenly laid off at the start of the pandemic. Utilities decided to keep their own moratorium in place. (WILX)

Detroit has been ahead of the curve on this one and announced one of its own through 2022, with intentions that shutoffs will never resume. 

Not so much in Mid-Michigan.

Where are they ending the water moratorium and shutting off water in Mid-Michigan?

The City of Charlotte said about 700 customers are more than 60 days behind.

Charlotte’s water department is owed $240,000 from customers who haven’t paid their bills.

That’s enough to run the entire department for a month. (WILX)

But they're not alone.

While trying to do the next right thing and be humanitarian, things being cited are they need the money to actually run the utility departments. They realize there are hardships because of the pandemic and people have lost jobs, but if these bills aren't paid then the costs will be passed on to other customers (in the form of higher rates or tax bills).

Need help paying your bills? Call 211 or visit www.mi211.org to see if you’re eligible.

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