So we get into these discussions all of the time about what do you do when you say, see a bear out in the wild? Some say make yourself look big, some say be still along with a bunch of other advice. What doesn't anybody say?


That's right, because if you were unaware, that big old cute, lumbering bear can run fast, in comparison to most human beings. You see, they say a human if they train, can usually top out at around 15 mph. If they are a human like yours truly, who doesn't put the training time in...well, then that speed will decrease. In quite a dramatic fashion after a few yards if let's say that a human like yours truly were being pursued at a high speed by a really hungry cougar. This my friend would be problematic.

Now the fastest athletes in the world have only been able to generate speeds of around 28 mph and that's running full out at a short range. So...the question is if you ran into any of the animals in the gallery below here in Michigan, would you be able to outrun them, if you had to because none of the other advice worked...

Look below and find out. We're gonna display these from "slowest" to "fastest".

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Which of These Michigan Animals Can the Average Person Outrun?


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