Every year around the holiday season, the Downtown Lansing roundabout gets a festive make over. Now, they're looking to do something a bit more permanent.

A competition that began back in July of this year is nearing its end. According to the Lansing State Journal, "the competition to build a unique sculpture for downtown Lansing's roundabout is down to the last four designs". Of the 72 entries from across the country, the Capital Region Community Foundation was able to get it down to four finalists:

  1. #LoveLansing: A Low-Poly Open Heart
  2. Flame
  3. Star Born
  4. Welcoming Hands

There is a rendering of each of those sculptures HEREThat way, you can see what each of them will look like and get a story from the artist as to why they chose that sculpture before you cast your vote! If you'd like to weigh in on what sculpture should be in the Downtown Lansing roundabout, you have until October 31st to place your vote. And the final decision will be made on November 19th. Click here for more info.

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