I like good scary movies, but I am not a fan of the ones where someone or something goes around cutting people up and killing them. The first Halloween movie was good, but they went down hill after that. If you've seen one, you've seen them all. I like a good, well-written movie with a great plot that has solid jump scares. I'm also a fan of a screenplay that keeps you guessing through the whole movie. And I especially love a good ending.  Here are some movies that scared me and I thought were worth the time over the years.  Again, just my opinion, but you should watch a few of them if you are bored and looking for a scary movie to see.

The Exorcist scared the heck out of me. Not only the special effects but the way they made Linda Blair up in the movie. The marketing when that movie came out was brilliant, daring people to sit through the whole thing. It was incredible. When it came out in 1973, there were many reports of people leaving and vomiting in the theatre.

Phantasm. The Dude Angus in this movie is upsetting to watch. These films really scared the hell out of me.  (Trailer contains strong language)

When a Stranger Calls is another one I saw from 1979 that is excellent. This was redone in 1986 and 1993, but the first one is SO much better, so watch this version. The cast is also so much better.

Ok now it's your turn. What scary movies do you recommend?  Share some titles and why they frightened you so much.

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