So I guess we are still hopeful about trick-or-treating and Halloween even though a lot of cities have been cutting down on the scary fun because of COVID-19. Fox News is reporting that nearly 25% of Americans, no matter what city they live in, are planning on celebrating Halloween. And that includes letting their kids go trick or treating.

I think kids need to make great memories with Halloween. I remember growing up on the southside of Chicago, and we could not wait for the scary holiday. I had 8 brothers and sisters, so funds were tight and Mom would buy those silly cheap costumes with the thin plastic masks, but that didn't matter. It was all about the fun and spirit of the holiday.

Even back then parents had to inspect candy, and we had to avoid homemade snacks given like popcorn balls. And of course the houses that gave out cash or the super great treats we would visit 2 or 3 times and hope not to get recognized. We also used to try and get away going a day early which all parents and neighbors frowned upon.  We would go trick or treating go 5 till 9 every year and it was a blast.

And of course we all remember this little rhyme:

"Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat."

Let's make this a fun and safe Halloween and share with your kids what you did as a kid.  Also maybe instead of spending a bunch of money on a costume, encourage your little ones to make one.

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