I think we in Michigan and the Midwest have more to stress about over Thanksgiving and the holidays. Let's face it, if you live out west or in Florida, perhaps you don't have to worry about travel as much to see friends and family because they'll want to take a vacation to come and see you.

I will drive to Chicago and see my family who will go to all the trouble of getting ready for all the festivities. Here's a few of the worries I have. Bad weather of course. If it snows heavily, I will question if it's safe to drive 4 hours to get there. Plus we all have to worry about COVID this year.

Here are some other worries folks are pondering about this thanksgiving from Yahoo.com.

These are the ones that stuck out to me:

Grocery shopping.

Cooking the turkey correctly (will it be to dry).

Side dishes (will I make enough).

Will the turkey thaw in time (Mom always worried about that lol).

Dessert. Will there be enough? Will I burn the pie?

So maybe this year let's not stress about not making enough mashed potatoes or the stuffing not turning out well. This year let's just count our blessings and remember someone always has it worse than we do.

If you and everyone in your family are healthy and you are working, that is a lot to be thankful for. Worrying about things that went wrong last year will stress you out more.  Instead let's think about all the great things in our life, and hope for a great 2021 for everyone. Let's live in the now and find things to be thankful for. After all, it is thanksgiving.

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