Once Halloween is over (can you believe it's this weekend?) it's gonna be time for Thanksgiving. Turkey and all the trimmings; I just love the holiday. I have never been a fan of Black Friday, but some friends actually got me to go shopping last year. Must admit I enjoyed it. Plus I got some great deals on an Alexa a new TV.

Here some thing you should know about Black Friday and Thanksgiving 2020 according to Etonline.com. And of course let's not forget about Cyber Monday on November 30th.

There is so much competition on Black Friday and it gets tougher each year to figure out where to get the best deals and decide if you should hit the streets or shop online. I do like shopping from the comfort of my living room, but years ago that was not an option. We are so spoiled now, and frankly I think have too many options.

Talking to friends, I have asked how they are playing it safe with COVID on thanksgiving this year. Pals in Florida are keeping it small and face-timing friends and relatives for after dinner cocktails.

My 8 brothers and sisters in Chicago are just having small gatherings with immediate family at their house this year.  And if things are better in 6 months with COVID-19, maybe we can have a 6 month after gathering with all the trimmings again. I like that; two thanksgiving dinners in one year!

So how are you playing it this year for the holidays? Is it gonna be much different from last year?

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