I have driven past this deserted thing almost every day for many years and I still have no clue what it is or what it once was.

Is it a shack? Shed? Utility hut? House? Storage unit?

This little abandoned building lies hidden all summer long within a little patch of thick trees, weeds, and bushes, going unnoticed by many. That is, until the leaves fall and then you can see it clearly. There's a small, chained-off drive on Willoughby that leads to it, so I guess I'm assuming somebody owns it? Or not? But what is it? Was it a home at one time? If so, it's a pretty small one.

It's located on the corner of Willoughby & College roads and has been sitting there alone, vacant, and crumbling more & more as each year goes by.

Take a look at the photos below of this hidden hut. Can anyone identify it?

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