The area known as "Porter" in Midland County isn't listed as a town, village or burg. More than likely it's an unincorporated community named after the township in which it resides.

A lone remainder of any shred of business evidence in Porter is an old abandoned gas station tucked back in the woods but clearly visible from the highway. It stands dilapidated with a single gas pump in front and rusted farm equipment within the weeds.

This gas station literally is all that's left of any old businesses in what's left of Porter. No sign of any old general store, post office, hotel, etc. However, if you drive through and scour the old homes that still stand, you may be able to determine which of these homes used to be an old one-room school, church, or some type of store.

I find it hard to believe all the historic buildings are gone except for that lonely little gas station; in fact, at one time there was a post office somewhere near that station. The post office was founded in 1869 and closed in 1907. As for any current establishments that require 'customers', are a church, auto repair shop and a Chevron office.

Take a look at the photos below and see the old gas station, some other abandoned structures and where an old one-room schoolhouse used to be (maybe still there?). Take a drive-thru on your next Michigan roadtrip and see what Porter info you can uncover and pass's not that far away!


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