Whether you're a returning MSU student, or this will be your first year walking the hallowed halls, there were some happenings over the summer that you'll definitely want to know about. And the Lansing State Journal helps us get to know the changes a bit better.

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    Parking In East Lansing Is Gonna Cost You

    It's no secret that parking in East Lansing isn't great, but these new changes don't help. Savvy motorists, like yours truly, would wait to venture into East Lansing until after 6 pm, because that's when metered street parking stopped charging. Not true anymore. The majority of metered spots and parking lots will now be charging until 3 am. AND, prices have increased as well... It's now $1.50 per hour to park in a garage, and $2 an hour to park in surface lots.

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    Campus Looks A Bit Different

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    MSU's Campus Is Tobacco-Free

    As of August 15th, all tobacco products have been banned from MSU's campus. And when they say all tobacco products, they mean it; the ban includes not just cigarettes, but chewing tobacco and E-cigarettes as well. Keep in mind too that the ban applies to all MSU property, so whether you're on campus for a tailgate or you're in your personal vehicle parked in a campus lot, that ban applies. Offenders could receive a $150 fine.

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    More Places To Live

    Students will have more places to choose from when it comes to their living place. There are a few major housing complexes in the works in East Lansing. One of them is near the west side of campus, at 1855 Place. 1855 Place will offer office spaces and student apartments, some of which are available now for renting. A single bedroom is $800 and a two bedroom is $925.

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    No More Women's Study Lounge Or Resource Center

    Over the summer, officials announced that they'd be closing the Women's Study Lounge and turning it into a co-ed space. The close came soon after a law suit was filed by a U of M Flint professor who said the Women's Only lounge "violated anti-discrimination laws", but MSU officials claim the closing was not directly related to the lawsuit (I'm sure it didn't help though). The Women's Resource Center was also closed over the summer. If you might need to seek any help or resources, students are now directed to go to the Office of Student Affairs and Services. If you feel passionately about the closing of the former Women's Study Lounge, there's a protest planned for August 31st.

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