I know we are all tired of hearing about COVID19 vaccines and getting our flu shots as flu season is here. So many opinions on social media and everyone of course does have one.

All we can do is look at all the facts and then make a decision on whether we should or should not. I did choose to get both shots and am going to get the flu shot this week.  Getting sick is not an option for me.

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So, here is the deal, many doctors in Michigan and local health officials are serious about Michiganders getting their flu shots to avoid a 'twindemic.'

What Is a Twindemic?

Yep, it's the combo of COVID-19 and the flu. some are saying it could be catastrophic according to fox47news.com.

A twindemic would be just two viruses or two different infectious agents simultaneously occurring at the same time that get to a certain level that overwhelms a system," said Dr. Paul Entler, who serves as Sparrow Health's vice president of quality and performance.


That does not sound fun at all. Entler also says that Michigan has a bit of a downward trend from the latest surge of COVID-19 cases, but hospitals are still pretty full.

Keep this in mind as well, in 2020 the U.S saw a low number of flu cases from previous years thanks to COVID measures that were taken.

Decide For Yourself

The decision is yours of course and now is the time to make it. Flu shots are available, free of charge at many local pharmacies, and covered by most insurance.  Let's stay healthy as we roll into 2022.

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