Wow I remember some great holiday desserts growing up as a kid.  With a dozen aunts, we had a lot of varieties. Now I may not remember the names, but I remember the tastes,  and I have not had these since I was a kid. Maybe you can help.

There was this long thin light swirly cookie dipped in honey that was so good. I also remember small oval white cookies with nuts covered with powdered sugar. Also some very lemony cookies that were heavy with powdered sugar. And many varieties of fruitcake, some pretty heavy lol.

If you're looking for some different ideas for desserts this year, why don't you try some classics like these from

The author of the article, Caroline Stanko, says,

Add an old-school touch to your holiday dessert table with one of these vintage Christmas dessert recipes. From sugarplum cake to Strufoli, these classic desserts have survived the test of time.

I remember some of these like the pizzeles, baked cranberry pudding, molasses fruit cake, and one I remember from one of my Italian aunts called Torcetti. These cookies literally melted in your mouth.

If you're brave enough to try any of these recipes, there is a guinea pig here at WITL named Cadillac Jack that would be glad to give you an honest opinion.

If you like to bake, think of your family's face when they try one of these dessert delights.

Do you plan on doing any baking this year? What is your family's favorite?

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