I take some personal pleasure in everything that has to do with this wonderful news. Mostly because my daughter and future son-in-law work for the parent company of Oreo, but also because I cannot wait to indulge in this yummy new treat from Nabisco.

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Just when we thought it couldn’t get any more delicious, after a year that saw a Oreo collaboration with Lady Gaga, the company is about to blow your mind.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you the Brookie-O. The limited-edition snack, that is pure taste-bud heaven, can be best described as half cookie and half brownie. Hello lover!

Brace yourself, the new creation will feature three delicious layers: creme of brownie, original Oreo stuff, and cookie dough. Seriously scrumptious! Junk Food Leaks (Carb Cadet) took to their Instagram to review the latest addition to the Oreo family and gave the cookie collaboration excellent reviews.

The best part is we don’t have long to wait to enjoy a tall glass of cold milk and a Brookie-O. The Brookie-O Oreos will be hitting shelves nationwide starting January 2021. Keep in mind these are limited edition, so be sure to stock up while you can.

The cookie company is also planning on bringing some big smiles to the faces of those consumers with gluten intolerance issues. Oreo is launching a gluten-free version of their iconic cookies next month as well. Included will be Gluten Free Oreos and Oreo Double Stuff Gluten-Free. Those selections will also hit shelves at retailers in January 2021.

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