UFOs in Michigan. I don't care what anybody thinks. I'm gonna start reporting about them.

For real.

So far, Michigan has had six different reports in 2019 of UFOs over Michigan. The first was reported in Detroit on January 5th. And, according to the National UFO Reporting Center, the next reported sighting was in East Lansing, on January 13th - on the campus of Michigan State University. The witness reported the object was at "8-10K feet" elevation  and was a "stationary globe shape with white, red and green lights. The globe was difficult to look at because the lights were very intense".

Meanwhile, about a week later, a UFO was reported in the Ann Arbor area by a scientist, who admittedly does NOT "believe in UFOs". (Let's remember that a UFO is merely an "unidentified flying object". Doesn't mean it's a alien spacecraft. It just means somebody didn't think it was a plane or satellite or some other readily identifiable object. How do you not believe in that?)

In the Ann Arbor case, the witness reported a "single small very bright object" moving "in an erratic manner not consistent with any known planetary object in motion or manmade aircraft or spacecraft trajectory". The witness speculates that whatever it was might be a "new class of drone" - possibly funded by the Defense Department. Certainly possible.

Stand by for further updates. Yes, there will be more.


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