I've always said that a testament to a business doing business in a good, positive fashion and pleasing their customers is how long they have been able to conduct business. Now granted no business is going to be perfect every day and perfect every time, but if you have more imperfect days and times, that will catch up to you and you will soon find yourself out of business.

Now, you could take a negative turn here and talk about businesses that have gone out of business because they conducted their business in a less than acceptable fashion, but like I said that would be negative so let's not concentrate on that. Let's look at the positive, and applaud the businesses that have been around for awhile.

So, it's a bummer when you see a business closing that has enjoyed operating for over nine decades, yes that's nine decades and is going to be closing indefinitely. According to WLNS-TV, Twichell’s Cleaners and Tailors in East Lansing are looking to close their doors for what they term "indefinitely" at the end of this month. This information was found on a sign at the front door of the business.

While it's not a huge surprise these days, especially these days when a small business closes due to the COVID-19 pandemic (this was not a reason given for the closing) it's still too bad especially when the business has been a part of the community for so many years.

Get more info on the closing from WLNS-TV.

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