So, I'm on vacation last week and one day I decided to turn on CMT Music  - the channel that actually plays video - not the one where the Cowboy Cheerleaders get drunk and jump over kiddie pools full of beer in monster trucks. Or, whatever they do on CMT now.

Anyway, the video for Tucker Beathard's "Rock On" came up a couple of times while I had it on, and I'd heard his dad was a songwriter, so I "Googled" Tucker and found out this craziness:

His brother is C. J. Beathard, is the starting quarterback at the University of Iowa - (although the Hawkeyes had a bad weekend, when Iowa got beat by North Dakota State)
His dad is Casey Michael Beathard, who's written a bazillion hit country songs, like:
"Ten Rounds with Jose Cuervo"
"No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems"
"Find Out Who Your Friends Are"
"Just Fishin'"
"Like a Wrecking Ball"

His grandfather is Bobby Beathard, who was general manager of the Miami Dolphins in the 70s and the Redskins in the 80s and was a 5 time "men's 65 and over" world champion at the World Bodysurfing Championships.

So, now I'm trying to get invited to Thanksgiving dinner at their house. Fingers crossed.

Oh, yeah - here's the video:


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