If you've driven for any length of time, you've probably come across a traffic signal that's been out. Maybe it completely lost power from a storm, or maybe it's just malfunctioning. Or heck, this is Michigan, maybe it has to do with construction. Regardless, the traffic signal ain't signaling, and you've got to make your way through the intersection... do you know how?

Sure, it might seem like an easy question: do you know how to make your way through the intersection? But considering there are probably a bunch of people waiting to do the same thing, you should make sure you do it safely and follow the rules of the Michigan roads.

How to Treat a Traffic Light That is Out

Here's how to handle a traffic signal that is out:

  • Treat them like a 4-way stop - Michigan law states that you should treat any traffic signal that is out like a 4-way stop
  • Follow right-of-way rules - Always yield to vehicles already in the intersection. Then, whoever arrives at the intersection first gets to go first. When in doubt, yield to the car on the right
  • Exercise Ordinary care when finally driving through the intersection
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This is certainly something all new drivers should know, but it doesn't hurt for all Michigan drivers to get a little refresher.

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And while we're on the subject of road rules refreshers, can we talk about using turn signals in roundabouts? Yes, you're essentially just driving around in a big signal, but rules of the road say to use your turn signal. So don't forget!

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