Recently, I was witness to something that left me shaking. So before I go any further in this story, I just want to give a trigger warning that this story involves a car accident.

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If you're still with me, here's what happened.

Car Accident at the Intersection of Pine Tree and Jolly Roads

I was headed north on Pine Tree Road towards Jolly and in the right lane to get ready for a right turn. At that moment, a semi-truck was traveling east on Jolly Road and making a right turn.

It was at that moment the SUV to my left on northbound Pine Tree Road attempted a left turn onto Jolly and struck another vehicle traveling east on Jolly. Only the driver in the SUV didn't see them in the left lane behind the semi-truck.

The SUV t-boned the vehicle traveling east and hit it so hard that it skidded and rolled over before landing upside down. Citizens got out of their cars and raced to help the couple in the overturned vehicle. And the people shakily, but safely, made their way out of the street.

It is because of accidents like this that I feel like this intersection needs a traffic signal.

The Intersection of Pine Tree and Jolly Roads Needs an Intersection

I've spent a lot of time during my decade-plus broadcast career talking about the multitude of car accidents that have occurred at this intersection. I would think that a traffic signal would help cut that number. If not a traffic signal, maybe no turning left from Pine Tree onto Jolly Road?

What makes this intersection so tricky is that Joly Road is 45 mph there, but people are regularly doing more. Plus, when turning left from Pine Tree onto Jolly, you can't see super far because there's a slight hill.

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Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt during this accident. And hopefully, something can help make this intersection less dangerous. Granted, this particular intersection isn't listed in the 10 most dangerous intersections of Lansing by Michigan Auto Law, but Jolly Road is on the list twice.

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