Today, on "Stump the Chumps", our listener Cassie asked:

"What outlaw killed a man for snoring?" We answered "Billy the Kid". We were wrong.

The correct answer is John Wesley Hardin. And Cassie is related to John Wesley Hardin!

According to Wikipedia, John Wesley Hardin was a gunfighter, gambler, cattle rustler and murderous American "outlaw" from the late 1860s, until his death in El Paso, in 1895.

On August 6, 1871, Hardin was gambling in Abilene, Kansas, with his cousin "Gip" and a friend named Charles Couger. When they went to sleep that night, Hardin and his cousin Gip were in one room and Charles was in the next. During the night, Charles started snoring. When he wouldn't quit snoring, even after Hardin yelled at him, Hardin fired through the wall several times. The second shot got Charles in the head, killing him. Afraid that the town marshall, the infamous "Wild Bill" Hickock, would kill him on sight, Hardin escaped by jumping off the second story roof and hiding in a hay bale for the night.

And that may be the MOST "old time American west" story ever told.


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